Hey there – welcome!

I thought now might be a good time for a little update. It’s a new month, finally starting to feel like spring and I currently have a lot of free time to be making changes right now.


First I’m starting off making some changes on the blog. I have officially made the switch to cassidyhannah.com, given it a whole new makeover and fully intend on being really diligent to posting every Sunday.

If you take a peek around the new site you will find that you can be taken straight to my LTK page by clicking the ‘Shop My Looks’ tab. In the about me section you can also find all my discount codes for y’all. I’m really excited about the new set up and hope that you love it too.


Obviously right now many of us have a lot of free-time on our hands and I have been spending a lot of time reflecting lately. I am someone who generally spends a lot of time processing and reflecting to the point that it is often to my detriment. Therefore I have decided to challenge myself (and you too if you’re interested!) to take a step back right now. Reflect but don’t get worked up on your thoughts. Take a deep breathe and let it go. This is a lot easier said then done, I’m fully aware.

For myself this downfall is most often related to my relationships with people. I hold on too tight to relationships that have changed, or are no longer existent. It is really hard right now, in a time where we can feel so isolated, to have to let go of people who meant the world to you. I am finding it really hard. But heres what I know: relationships are constantly changing. If it is meant to be, it will come back eventually. If its not meant to be, other people will enter your life who are even more incredible. And in the mean time, you already have amazing people in your life. Remind them you love them. Send them a little surprise message. Think about what you would want people doing for you right now, and replicate that for the ones you love.

Something that I’ve been finding that is really helping me with this is practicing yoga at night. I find that listening to someone else talking really helps me clear my thoughts, which is so important before climbing into bed. I have found that reading and listening to podcasts are other great ways to help escape my thoughts too.

I hope you’re all staying healthy right now and finding ways to cope during these trying times. I’d love to hear whats on your mind right now! If you ever want to chat, shoot me a message girl!
XO Cassidy Hannah


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