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I thought I would pop on here today and share some product switches I have made to make my life a bit more environmentally friendly in honour of Earth Month! Of course I like to make sure I always keep a re-usable water bottle/coffee cup on hand but here are a few more products I’ve been using to help me stay sustainable.

  • Reusable cotton pads: I’ve tried a couple versions of these & have loved all of them. I use cotton rounds almost daily which not only creates a lot of waste but can get really pricey as well. I love that I can just throw these in a little laundry bag (this is included in the ones I bought) and put it in the washing machine. I find they work as well (if not better) then disposable ones!
  • Reusable sandwich bags: I always find that when packing a snack I like to put them in bags because then I don’t have to carry around a container with me when I am done. I hate the waste that is associated with this though. We found some re-usable snack & sandwich bags that are made out of a thicker plastic so they can be washed and re-used. They give the connivance of bag without the waste, which I love!
  • Beeswax wraps: Another re-usable product that I love for connivance is beeswax wraps which can be used in place of plastic wrap. You can pick this up at trader joe’s as well as a number of other stores. I also know people who have made it before! I’ve linked a couple cute etsy ones for y’all.

I personally haven’t picked them up yet but I have heard that another great thing to keep with you is reusable produce bags for when you are grocery shopping. I am definitely going to get some of these in the near future so I will link the ones that I plan on picking up.

I have linked all my recommendations HERE. Be sure to let me know what products you have switched out to be more environmentally friendly!

XO Cassidy Hannah

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