Hey there!! Comin’ to you with some home inspiration today:

I have officially been living in my own place for over 2 months now, and I’m happy to report I am still LOVING it. With that being said I still have a lot I want to do with it.

Because of current travel restrictions I haven’t been able to get all my furniture yet so everything is a very slow work in progress. As much as I am excited to get everything set up, I am really loving that it forces me to slow down and take a lot of time to decide how I really want to set things up.

Let me tell you sister, Pinterest & Instagram have been my best friends lately. If you want my Pinterest home board is linked HERE and I have a specific section on it of all my apartment inspo.

I personally don’t follow a ton of home decor accounts on Pinterest I just enjoy browsing my “For Me” page. The other place I often find home inspiration is on instagram. Of course there are bloggers that I love following for home goodies, but I also love looking at furniture accounts for inspiration too! Here are some I love:

If only I could afford the furniture that article sells! I do however love the way that all the furniture is staged and I am getting some serious inspiration from all the images. Clearly I love a good bright space!

y’all know I LOVE this gal. I’ve been following her for years now & she just moved and I am loving seeing how she is decorating her new space.

I am absolutely still in the market for a new rug and have definitely been looking at some of the options on rugs_usa, but not only do they have gorgeous rugs they also share photos of some gorgeous spaces.

Kelsey is another blogger gal I absolutely love. She also recently moved into the cutest new apartment and I have been loving seeing how she is styling everything.

Those are all the accounts that I have been finding home inspiration from as of lately. I would love to hear about accounts you love for finding home decor or recommendations on where to find affordable pieces! I have been making a lot of trips to homesense lately…

XO Cassidy Hannah

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