Hi Friends! I’m back today with another recipe for all my fellow gluten free friends! It also has the option to be made completely vegan too. So here it goes…

– 5 potatoes (sliced)
– 2 bell peppers
– 1/2 taco mix packet
– 1/2 cup broth
– 1 can black beans
– Rice
– Avocado
– Cheese & sour cream (optional)


*note my rice was pre-cooked so start with cooking some rice if you don’t have some pre-made as well

Wash your potatoes & thinly slice them (I used the side of my cheese grater to get them extra thin) and then tossed them in a frying pan with some olive oil. While the actual steps to make these are super easy, the potatoes do take a long time to cook.

Add half the packet of taco seasoning and 1/2 a cup of the broth of your choice, I used chicken because that’s all I have but you could totally use veggie broth too. This helps the potatoes soften and adds some great flavour.

Once the potatoes soften, chop the bell peppers. I cut mine into thin strips and then again into thirds so they’re small pieces and add them in with the potatoes

Once the potatoes and peppers are all soft & have been really well mixed with the taco seasoning add the can of black beans into the pan and heat until the beans have been cooked through

I’ve been using the Bakestone Brother’s tortillas lately and they are seriously the best gluten free tortillas I’ve ever found. Not only are they big, but they also stay together really well. While I was heating my tortillas up, I cut up the avocado & shredded some cheese (you could totally go without or use a vegan option of your choice).

Layer the rice, avocado, and bean and veggie mix on your tortilla, wrap up & enjoy!

Let me know if you make these burritos too, and if you do, enjoy!

XO Cassidy Hannah


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