Despite 2020 being a rough one, I did find a lot of things I love this past year & I thought I would share them with you today.

READING – As many of you know I participated in a lot of reading last year, you can find all the books I read last year here: EVERYTHING I READ IN 2020 but for a quick synopsis here were my favourites
– Where the Crawdads Sing
– The Sharper the Knife, The Less You Cry
– Beartown
– A Promised Land
– Untamed

Katy Bellotte’s Thick & Thin podcast was one of the only podcasts I listened to this year, I’ve mentioned it a number of times on here before but if you haven’t checked it out let I highly recommend it. It is the perfect mix of history, life & love and I absolutely adore Katy.
Evermore & Folklore. This should not require any explanation.
Morgan Wallen. I don’t have high hopes about him as a person but wowieee did I enjoy a lot of his music this year.

COZIES – Y’all this was the year of cozies as you know & let me tell you I found lots of them. Here are some of my staples:
The Sherpa Onesie
Softest Leggings
The Perfect Bralette
My Favourite Crewnecks
Everyday Flannel


Those were my favourite of the year y’all. If you want to check out some monthly favourites I posted last year you can check them all out here:

May Favourites June Favourites July Favourites

August Favourites September Favourites

Let me know what your favourites from 2020 were!

XO Cassidy Hannah


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