Hi, welcome back!

In the last few weeks I’ve really been working on getting into a skincare routine that I’m sticking to. Glowy skin is always my goal and these products have been helping a lot with that!


  1. I start off every morning with micellar water, I’ve been using this Garnier Micellar Water for about 5 years now and absolutely love it. I highly recommend picking up some reusable cotton rounds too!
  2. Next up is toner, I really like this Tula Get Toned one & the pump on it is amazing!
  3. I have recently started using hyaluronic acid on a regular basis and it is helping my skin so much with staying moisturized and helping heal acne scars faster! I’m really enjoying this Good Molecules Serum & absolutely love the packaging! PS this is SUCH a great price!
  4. Step four in the morning is the Good Molecules Silicone-Free Priming Moisturizer, this feels really nice on my skin and looks great under makeup. I feel like its helping my makeup stay on longer too which is great!
  5. The final step depends on if its a day I’m wearing makeup or not. If I’m not then I’ll apply my Dr. Dennis Gross Stress SOS Eye Cream, which helps with dark circles. If I am wearing makeup it depends if I have time or not to let this soak in before applying anything. Finally, if I am wearing makeup I have been adding this Blume Galactic Glow Face Mist after I put my makeup on and it makes everything look so much better. I will even re-spray this throughout the day if my makeup looks like it needs a little pick-me-up. (Code CASSIDYH10 works for 10% off of Blume products).


  1. Step one at the end of the day is to get everything off. I have been using this Juice Beauty Brightening Gel Cleanser to take off my makeup and wash my face. It isn’t my favourite moisturizer I’ve tried but there isn’t anything I dislike about it.
  2. Depending on how well I get everything off I may or may not take some more of my Garnier Micellar Water to double cleanse, I find this particularly helpful for getting mascara residue off.
  3. Next up I apply the Good Molecules Hyaluronic Acid serum just like I did in the morning (this is best on damp skin so if I don’t already have damp skin I may spray my Blume Face Mist again before applying).
  4. After I let the hyaluronic acid soak in for a minute or two I have been applying the Good Molecules Ultra-Hydrating Facial Oil. I’m a big fan of face oils and this one feels amazing and leaves my skin looking glowy.
  5. The final step in my night time skincare routine is my Tula Super Soothe Calming Moisturizing Lotion. If you have been following along here for a while now you would know that this has been a part of my routine for about a year now and I don’t think I’ll ever go without it. It has helped my skin so much with redness and calming breakouts.
  6. The last thing I do before I go to bed is apply my Laneige Lip sleeping mask. I’m sure y’all have seen this all over the internet by now but it is seriously worth the price tag. It is one of the only lip balms I’ve used that I don’t feel dries out my lips in the long run.


  • Basic Concepts Tea Tree Oil Acne Patches: I’m a huge fan of these, they’re the best bang for your buck acne patch I’ve seen & I really like that they help with the healing process in addition to getting the gunk out. I’m someone who sometimes struggles to not touch breakouts so I will apply these at night or times when I’m home and don’t have any makeup on to avoid touching breakouts and making them worse
  • Golden Star Beauty Self Tan Serum: during the winter months I always try and add a little colour back into my skin. Usually about once a week I’ll mix a pump of this in with my moisturizer either at night or on a no-makeup day and I love it. It looks super natural if applied mixed with moisturizer and I love that it formulated as skincare so it has other benefits too!
  • Tula Exfoliating Treatment or Origins Original Skin are my favourite masks for when my skin feels like it needs a good re-set
  • Tula Self Care Sunday Nourishing Face Mask: I usually use this about once a week when my skin feels like it could use a little extra love. Often will apply after using a mud-mask to re-moisturize.

Well that is everything I’ve got for you today! If you have any products you love and think I should try out, or have any questions about the products I use, I would love to hear from you! Items mentioned linked here.

XO Cassidy Hannah

*this post is not sponsored, however, some items have been gifted. As always, these opinions are all my own!


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