how I refresh after christmas

I don’t know about you, but I personally love the clean slate that comes with the New Year. I take the opportunity to set new goals, refresh my space and start new routines. By no means is it necessary to do any of these things on the first day of the year, however, I loveContinue reading “how I refresh after christmas”


Hi, welcome back! In the last few weeks I’ve really been working on getting into a skincare routine that I’m sticking to. Glowy skin is always my goal and these products have been helping a lot with that! MORNING ROUTINE I start off every morning with micellar water, I’ve been using this Garnier Micellar WaterContinue reading “WINTER TO SPRING SKINCARE ROUTINE”


Hey there! I got a request recently to make a morning routine and I thought it might be fun to share how I’m spending my mornings in Quarantine. Because I moved back to Victoria last week, I’m currently in isolation for 14 days. No seeing anyone and no leaving the house (even for walks unfortunately)Continue reading “QUARANTINE MORNING ROUTINE”