Hi there friends!

Back at the end of January, I shared a more personal update about a health challenge I had created for myself. If you haven’t seen it already you can read the whole thing here, but in essence, I was challenging myself not to lose weight but instead to just move more.

I decided the easiest way to track this for my current lifestyle was using my apple watch, on which I set my rings to 500 move calories, 30 minutes of exercise and 12 stand hours.

Well, I’m incredibly happy to report that I completed that goal every single day in February. Not only has this goal helped me stay active on a more regular basis, but I can also tell because I’m incorporating workouts more often, that I’m getting stronger and I have better discipline now.

The one part of the goal that I discussed in my last post that I haven’t gotten around to yet is adding in more fun types of workouts. I would love to join some different types of classes such as spin and yoga and I would love to get back into the pool again. Lately, my workouts have consisted of running/walking, core strength and the occasional HIIT training found via youtube videos.

While I didn’t set out on this goal to necessarily change the way that I look, since my last post I have booked my first vacation in years to somewhere warm and I have found that it has been a good little extra motivator.

I only have a few weeks left to work on this class project, but I think with the great momentum I’ve had for the past month and a half I will be on track to make daily movement my regular lifestyle again. I have found for myself when I’m active on a more regular basis, I make better food choices, I’m less stressed and I find it easier to maintain a regular sleep schedule.

If you are interested in more fitness and health-related posts like these I’d be happy to continue making them once this project is over. By no means am I a professional, but I think sharing is a great way to stay accountable and maybe serve as some inspiration to you if you have a new health challenge you are trying to take on.

Until next time…

XO Cassidy Hannah



  1. Hey! I love spin and yoga classes! I use my peloton and attend ones at the gym! But if you don’t have a peloton or your gym doesn’t offer spin classes, Youtube has a ton of amazing yoga videos I do sometime while I am at school.

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