how I refresh after christmas

I don’t know about you, but I personally love the clean slate that comes with the New Year. I take the opportunity to set new goals, refresh my space and start new routines. By no means is it necessary to do any of these things on the first day of the year, however, I love fresh starts whether it’s a new week, month or year and I like to take advantage of it.

First things first, the Christmas has to come down, I usually take it down on New Year’s Eve because I like to start January 1st with a fresh space.

After the Christmas decor has all been taken down, I often feel like the house feels really empty. I like to do a good deep clean and then fill my space with some life. As you probably know by now, I’m a big flower girl. I almost always keep flowers in my room, but I like to make it a little bit more special after Christmas.

Instead of purchasing flowers from the grocery store, this January I treated myself to a beautiful bouquet.

This bouquet was designed by You Floral, which is local to me but ships to many Canadian locations. For dried bouquets orders ship to Canada and the United States.

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*this portion of the post is in collaboration with YouFloral.

My Fresh Start Deep Clean Routine –

  • Fresh sheets, for me this comes with getting rid of the Christmas as I always have Christmas sheets on my bed, but it always feels nice climbing into new sheets
  • Vacuum and or mop
  • Declutter closet, if there are things that I didn’t wear all of last year, it is time for them to go
  • Wipe down or dust all surfaces
  • Clean mirrors
  • Organize beauty and skincare products, and consider whether some of the products have expired
  • Check the fridge for expired food, and wipe down shelves

I don’t want to make the fresh start clean too extensive, I usually find that I can get all of this done in an afternoon or I can split it up over a few days if I just want to spend 30 minutes a day refreshing my space.

Every time I do this type of deep clean, I like to have a really fresh candle burning or have my diffuser going with eucalyptus because it makes everything feel spa-like. I find the process really therapeutic and always feel refreshed afterwards. Plus it is so lovely waking up in a clean space the next day.

My Personal Care Refresh Routine

  • Have an everything shower, shave, exfoliate, wash your hair, whatever it is you like to do – I make sure when I do this kind of shower I pay a lot of attention to the post-shower routine, I’ll use my favourite body oils and body butter and make sure I’m going to bed feeling extra moisturized
  • Stretch, this is something I am hoping to incorporate into my life more in 2023 but it is something that always makes me feel better I’ll throw on a youtube video to follow and whether its 5 minutes or 45 I always feel less tense afterwards
  • Practice gratitude, since starting my 5-minute journal this is something that is now incorporated into my daily routine. Consider making this a part of your new routine next time you have a life refresh
  • Give yourself some glow, whether you prefer to self-tan at home or you like to grab a spray tan, giving my body a bit of a glow is something I always like to do when I am in need of a refresh.
  • Sleepytime tea & a book before bed – A refresh routine should always have a good night’s sleep attached to it in my opinion. As someone who has experienced many sleeping difficulties in the past, I like to change the focus to creating a positive bedtime routine and putting less pressure on the actual night of sleep.

Well friends, that is a summy of how I like to start my year or do refreshes any time of the year when I feel like I need it. If you have a special thing you like to do as part of your refresh routine, please share it in the comments. I always love to find new routines to incorporate.

I hope your New Year is off to a beautiful and relaxing start.

XO Cassidy Hannah


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