my favourite places to shop for workwear

Hi Friends, welcome back!

If you’ve been following along on Instagram or have been reading some of my recent blog posts then you may know that I’m a recent grad. I’ve had internships over the past few years so I’m not new to dressing for the work environment, but it is certainly more fun to shop for workwear when you’re in a more permanent position.

My work dress code is business casual. I like to stick to staples and will often order the same item in multiple colours. I do love to find a fun pop of colour though whether that is a purse or a fun top.

Recently I found the Abercrombie & Fitch Sloane pant and I absolutely love them, they are the most flattering work pant that I’ve found and so comfortable. As of right now, these are the three colours I have but I am definitely thinking about ordering more fun colours when Abercrombie has a big sale in a few weeks.

As we transition to spring, I also really love having a couple pencil skirts on hand as it makes a nice option on warmer days. My personal favourites have always come from J.Crew or Banana Republic.

I often find tops to be the place where I’ll add some fun into my outfit. In the winter I typically wear a lot of sweaters, however, as we transition into spring and summer I mix it up with a lot of cute, colourful fun tops.

I also love to throw in some simple long and short sleeve bodysuits that pair perfectly with any of the pants. The beauty of setting up your closet like this is that it makes it so easy to mix and match a ton of basics. The one place I often struggle the most is with shoes. I typically stick to a pair of white sneakers and as the weather gets warmer I might pull out some type of flat. A couple I like are:

Last but not least, every spring outfit needs some good accessories. If you know me, you know I am a Kate Spade gal through and through. Currently this one is on my spring wishlist

I hope you enjoyed this post, I have so much fun with spring fashion and I am so excited to continue creating more content to share with you regarding spring workwear outfits. Everything in this post that I can link has been linked here.

XO Cassidy Hannah


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