my updated skincare routine

Hi friends! I’m very excited to be sharing today’s post with you. I have collaborated with Glow Jar Beauty to share my updated skincare routine. For the first time ever, I have actually stuck to a consistent routine for over a month and I’m excited to share the routine and the before and after pictures with you.

I have always been a skincare lover, I consistently do my skincare morning and night, but don’t stick with the same products regularly. In the past, this has made it really difficult to see how my skin is actually responding to the products. I first started incorporating Glow Jar Beauty products into my routine in June of 2022, however, didn’t stick to a consistent routine. I love what the company stands for and that they are products I feel safe using. They are great for sensitive skin and they don’t have any harsh fragrances. Let me start off by sharing my current morning and night routine products.

Morning routine – I start every morning with the Gentle Gel Cleanser. I wash my face once with warm water and then pat my skin dry with a clean face cloth. Next up is the Vitamin C Serum which I apply all over my face and neck. I wait a few minutes so the product can fully absorb into my skin and then mist my face with the Dewy Moisture Mist, while my face is still damp from that I apply the Moisturizing Face Cream. Again, I will let everything fully absorb into my skin and then apply whatever sunscreens and makeup products I will be wearing that day.

Evening Routine – I also keep my evening routine very simple. I again use the Gentle Gel Cleanser to wash my face, however, in the evening I double wash. I will use a new face cloth to pat dry, mist with Dewy Moisture Mist and apply the Moisturizing Face Cream while my face is still damp. It is great that this is such a simple routine because it is something that I can actually commit to doing every night. Yes, even the night I came home from a girls’ night at 2am we double-cleansed, misted, and moisturized.

The beauty of this routine is that I am using four products total daily. It is simple and makes it easy when I am on the go.

Now, for my skin progression over the last month. All of these photos were taken in the morning with absolutely no makeup or tinted products on and in natural daylight.

January 25th – I’ll be honest, when I started this routine my skin was at one of the worst places I think it has ever been. I’ve always been really lucky with my skin, but I felt like it was very dull and I was having a lot more breakouts than I was used to. I told Jaime that I really wanted to focus on making my skin glowier with the routine I was starting and gently calm my skin. I really wanted to get back to a place where I felt confident with my skin and wasn’t trying to cover it up with makeup regularly.

February 8th – The progression I saw within the first two weeks of sticking to a routine made me so happy! By being gentle my breakouts started clearing up and I felt like scaring was already starting to fade noticeably faster than it used to. At this point, my confidence in going makeup free was definitely starting to come back.

February 23rd – This week was a bad sleep week for me & full of lots of sugary treats which didn’t make my skin very happy. Despite experiencing breakouts again at the end of the month, I am able to tell that my skin is less dull, and glower than it was in the beginning. Even in the few days since taking these photos, my breakouts are clearing and my skin has made definite improvements since the beginning of the month.

I am so happy to have been consistent with a routine over the past month and will absolutely continue to keep up this routine. Here is the progression over the month:

I am so happy to have found a routine that is actually working for me. All opinions are my own, and I am so grateful to Glow Jar Beauty for kindly gifting me these products. I will happily continue to update you on my skincare journey as I continue to stick to a routine.

If you would like to check out any of the products I have mentioned head to Glow Jar Beauty.

XO Cassidy Hannah


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