At the beginning of 2019 I, similarly to many other people set fitness goals for the year ahead. I started the year off really strong and was really proud of the workouts I was doing, however it didn’t take long before I got sick, fell off the wagon and was struggling to re-motivate myself again.

Fortunately in the past week or so I have re-gained some fitness motivation back, and today want to share a couple tips with you for the next time you’re in the same rut.

The Tips:

1) Workout With Friends: last week a couple friends and I decided to block off time in our calendars together in which we were planning to workout. Having set this commitment made it a lot harder to make excuses.

2) Sign Up For Classes: If you sign up for classes in advance, you often have to pre-pay or something along those lines, this is another way of making a commitment in advance to increase your chances of going.

3) Try Something New: Though I have been doing a lot of running lately, and I am loving it I thought now would be a fun time to try new things as well. Recently I have signed up for multiple types of yoga classes and I am so so happy I did – they have been great so far!

4) Find Fitness Clothes That Make You Feel Good: I generally find that if I am feeling confident in what I am wearing it makes it a lot more fun. If you’re trying to get back into a routine picking up a few new workout items can be something super fun to motivate yourself to go! It’s also nice because after spending money on the items you will likely want to get your money’s worth on them.

5) Remember Why: I find when I think about the reason I am trying to motivate myself to go in the first place it makes it easier to go. For myself I always like to remember that I feel much better both physically and mentally after a good workout and that usually helps me motivate myself to go. This however can also include wanting to be get extra ready for a fun vacation coming up, or just wanting to become more healthy.

Thank you so much for reading today! I’d love to hear what some of your fitness goals are!


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