As I write this I have just completed my 34th workout in a row. As someone who completely fell off a workout routine in the past year this was much needed and big for me!! I say big not meaning that I needed to do this in order to feel good about myself, instead I needed this to show me how much I love it.

I found things this past month that I realized I actually love doing, and in deciding that I was going to workout everyday I was forced to stick to a schedule. The initial first few weeks I had something motivating me and pushing me enough that by the end of the month I wanted to go regardless of the commitment that I had made to myself.

I wanted this to be about making me feel good rather than how I looked. For this reason I didn’t take pictures, measurements or weigh myself at the beginning and end instead I just reflected on how I felt. The past month I have felt less stressed & happier than I have in who knows how long. I feel stronger both mentally and physically and have realized the importance of fitness in my life.

I know that in the coming weeks I need to start giving myself occasional rest days, but this month “program” has made me realize that I need to be making fitness more of a priority in my life and sticking to something more frequent than what I had been doing leading up to this month.


May 1: Run – 5 kilometers, 40 minutes, 316 calories

May 2: Elliptical – 2.9 kilometers, 30 minutes, 275 calories

May 3: Stair Master – 2000 steps, 31 minutes, 284 calories

May 4: Body Works Class

May 5: Elliptical – 3.3 kilometers, 30 minutes, 237 calories

May 6: Run – 5 kilometers, 37 minutes, 313 calories

May 7: 3 Mile walk + AB workout

May 8: Stair Master – 2000 steps, 29.5 minutes, 282 calories

May 9: AB circuit

May 10: AB circuit

May 11: Body Works Class

May 12: Elliptical – 3.3 kilometers, 30 minutes, 313 calories

May 13: AB circuit

May 14: Elliptical – 1 kilometer, 10.5 minutes, 95 calories + AB circuit

May 15: Stair Master – 2000 steps, 31 minutes, 283 calories

May 16: Swim – 2000 yards, 35 minutes

May 17: AB circuit

May 18: Elliptical- 4.3 miles, 46 minutes, 500 calories

May 19: AB + Legs circuit

May 20: AB circuit

May 21: AB circuit

May 22: Elliptical – 2.9 miles, 32 minutes, 330 calories

May 23: AB circuit

May 24: AB circuit

May 25: ABS + Walk – 1.45 miles, 25 minutes, 252 calories

May 26: ABS + Walk – .75 miles, 14 minutes, 157 calories

May 27: Hike/Walk 7 miles

May 28: Elliptical – 45 minutes

May 29: Elliptical – 5.8 miles, 60 minutes, 676 calories

May 30: AB circuit
May 31: AB circuit

I’m really excited about how I am feeling after completing this and am much more enthusiastic about working out! If you’re trying to get back into it or even start for the first time please reach out to me, I would love to chat about keeping each other accountable in the future!!

Enjoy your next workout! XO

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