If y’all have been following along on here for a while now, you would know that a “resolution” I had for 2020 was to be better at using up the products I have before buying new ones. Well I’m happy to report with this being the 4th empties post of the year that I was successful at this!

I definitely still have more products than I need and am going to continue working to pare down my makeup & skincare collections but I am very happy with the progress I have made.

So with that being said, lets get to the rest of the products I emptied out this year!

I bought this about a year and a half ago and kind of forgot about it for a while but started using it more regularly this summer and LOVED it. It makes your skin look so dewy & I love that it has sunscreen built right into it.

This wasn’t my favourite Tula product I’ve ever used (I found this one quite fragrant which I didn’t love) but it was so moisturizing. It always made my skin feel incredible I just wish it wasn’t as fragrant. I probably won’t repurchase this one because there are so many other Tula moisturizers that I love more, but this is a great product nonetheless.

I believe I got this eyeshadow in a subscription box & it was a colour I never would have picked up on my own but it was such a beautiful product. It wasn’t quite as pigmented as I was expecting but It did blend in beautifully though and I was so sad when it dried up.

During these winter months I’ve been making an effort to us more hair masks to keep my hair protected from drying out. This mask certainly did the trick & I really like that it didn’t make my hair look too weighted down the next day.

I haven’t repurchased this one as of right now because I have some other products I’m making an effort to use up first but this is definitely a contender for my next hair mask purchase.

Well y’all those were all my empties of 2020. I’m going to link the other empties post from this past year here so you can check out everything I used up in 2020 & expect to see more of these types of posts this year!



2020 EMPTIES pt. 3

I’d love to know if you finished up any of the same products as me this year too!

XO Cassidy Hannah


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