november favourites

Hello friends, long time very no chat. Life has been crazy lately and I feel like I really let my blog go, but I’m feeling excited and inspired and I want to get back to it. Despite this November favourites posts coming to you very late, I have a few more exciting things planned for you the rest of this month and starting 2023 I want to get back to weekly posting.

Nov 12, 2022 ✨: If you know me, you know that as a Taylor Swift fan since 2010, turning 22 was very exciting to me. The night was better than I could’ve imagined, I had my best friends by my side, dressed up as Taylor Swift and the band played 22 for us when we went out. I am so beyond grateful for everyone that made this day so special to me, if you want to see some highlights from the night I made a fun little reel you can check out here. It also happened to be my first reel that went over 10K and then doubled that so all around such a special weekend!

Lucifer: Throughout November, I binged approximately 5 seasons of Lucifer. It’s the perfect combination of funny, with a plot, and some good love triangles. I’m convinced I’ve told everyone about it at this point.

Laneige Vanilla Lip Mask: I know that I’ve talked about my love for the Laneige lip masks before but I recently picked up the vanilla flavour and oh my goodness is it good. I keep it by my bed and wear it every night and usually put it on in the morning too. Something about vanilla just seems so perfect and cozy for the winter.

Tazo Early Grey Tea: I’ve gotten back into drinking tea again and this has been one of my favourites. I’ve been trying to stick to just 1 coffee a day, so I usually make an earl grey for my lunchtime cozy drink and the Tazo brand is always my go-to.

Cozy Set: Y’all if you knew how often I was wearing this set… It is so soft and cozy, but I love that it still looks put together. You buy the top and bottom separately, which I find really convenient so you can make the sizing work for you, I have a small in the bottoms and a medium in the top. Top link, pants link

Well my friends, those were my favourites for November. I just wanted to say I so appreciate you sticking around and continuing to read my posts. I have a lot that I want to start sharing with y’all and I am so excited for everything to come.

If you have specific posts that you want to be seeing, I always love to hear from you! You can send an email request to or always send me a dm @cassidyyhannah on Instagram!

XO Cassidy Hannah


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